Monday, June 13, 2011

Bob's Bag

Dude, someone needs to buy this sweet leather bag now. Then, let me know so I know who to live vicariously through. It's only effin' $85 dollars.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bob's Bobble

Hello New York!

I have officially started studying fashion design at FIT! WOOOOOOOOO! Draping and patternmaking are by far the most challenging classes so far because my background is mostly in art, but there isn't anything I can't handle so far, especially with help from friends!

One of the main themes of this little internet space will also be about environmental initiatives and I've found a new obsession. The magical self-filtering water bottle that works by cleaning tap water through a attached carbon filter as you drink. By designer Karim Rashid, it's also made out of recycled plastic and is BPA-free. I don't why there aren't more of these out there, but the Bobble sounds simply amazing. According to the Bobble website:

Each year, nearly 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles.

Just for water bottles? Every year?! Using reusable water bottles sounds like the only smart option. It saves you a significant amount of money in a short time and conveniently also help cut down on the growth of that ridiculous giant plastic/trash landmass. Lovely, huh?

Buy one today! My black filter 18.5 ounce bottle is on it's way, I'll do a review when it shows up! Order through the store. Have fun!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brand Envy: Society for Rational Dress

Check out one of my newest brand envy: Society for Rational Dress

Founded by Corinne Grassini (a fellow California native!), this brand of largely unstructured pieces has won my heart with unexpected uses of silk, metal, and leather. Every dress, skirt and shirt exudes effortless West coast style and a healthy dose of sexiness. Grassini has also designed some very interesting shoes, but her silky dresses and skirts remain more well-known.


If you want to see the designer in action, head over to her studio in Los Angeles, a wonderful space featuring repurposed wood and concrete. Props for the nod to environmentally friendly interior design! The space is called Reserve and functions as a design studio as well as a boutique for one-of-a-kind vintage items and sample sales.

Otherwise, pieces from SfRD can be hard to locate and are only found at select stockists. A few select pieces can be found at If you happen to be in Boston, my friend's boutique, Uncle Pete's, in Boston has an extensive collection of SfRD as well. Pay his well curated boutique a visit!

Officially founded in 2003, SfRD has already gained a loyal and growing following throughout America. I really can't wait to see more from Grassini as she continues to collaborate with other designers and expand her stockists. The one element of SfRD that gives me brand envy is her ability to combine the materials of silk, leather and metal, which are definitely among the most difficult materials to work with! With such throw-on-and-look-freaking-fabulous ease, the only rational thing to do is to track down the nearest boutique selling SfRD and go absolutely wild!

To learn more:
Official website: Society for Rational Dress
A review of Reserve: Racked LA
Facebook: Society for Rational Dress

Bob says Hello!

This little internet jewel will be an account of my future experiences in New York City. WOW, it's so big. Perplexing subways, mountains of bagels, fashion design studying at FIT, claws-out fashion divas - come what may, I will be officially living in the City beginning tomorrow. I will be featuring basically whatever I see fit.

Most of the themes will center around the very best in FOOD and FASHION, the two great loves of my life.

Why "Bob's Bog Blog?"? Well, who doesn't like an alliteration?